Interest rates are zero or negative and bitcoin reached $1 trillion market cap
Cannabis stocks took a nosedive. Markets might be strongly overvalued. Signal may not be secure and Germany to allow Level 4 autonomy
Twitter posts can now land you in prison in the US. Malware spreading through WhatsApp and "Bitcoin for Corporations" conference is now online for free.
Shorting stocks just became a lot more risky. Tesla launched the fastest accelerating production car ever and Elon Musk tweets about bitcoin
6 hour autopilot FSD drive from Los Angeles to Silicon with 0 human driving and Bitcoin FUD
The era of nonstop stimulus is upon us and HSBC might close your account if you have bitcoin or if you enter one of their branches without a mask.
US ban Chinese payment apps, WhatsApp ultimatum by Facebook, DB settle criminal allegations and bitcoin disrupt the payment clearing houses.
Markets closed 2020 at record highs. Dancing robots, SpaceX launch in UK and Bitcoin turns 12 years old and breaks through USD 30,000+
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